ya know like Brittney Spears but I can never deny the perfect opportunity! Gosh okay how does one describe them selves and give a decent "first impression". I am your new


camera tote'in hype-woman.
Within the first few minutes of meeting I'll probably be snorting from laughing - Whoooooops. My husband likes to refer to my deep laughing as a zoo. So yeah! Thats basically me.

Hi, It's Brittney

sailor swearing
tequila drinking
taylor swift obsessed


"10/10 would recommend having such a sweet, genuine, and fun photographer "

  "Brittney has been our go to photographer for a few years now and we couldn’t be happier with our choice! From engagement photos, our wedding, our pregnancy announcement and now our family photos Brittney has been so amazing to work with and we fall in love with her work every time we get our galleries back.10/10 would recommend having such a sweet, genuine, and fun photographer to do anything you’re needing- she makes it so easy!My whole family loved her and her sneak peeks immediately brought me to tears. I couldn’t thank her enough for being such a big part of our important milestones. Will definitely be using her for photos in the future!"

Ashley + DJ

So as mentioned ya girl is a bit of curser - i mean hell how do we make it through life without a bit of that. I will absolutely outdrink some people of all genders, tequila is my shit but hit me with a iced caramel brûlée latte with an extra shot espresso and you'll win my heart. Mama didn't raise no quitter but she did raise a coffee drinking procrastinator. I am also a passionate person about many things. Most importantly people, like the people I love, but also for complete strangers. Creating relationships and meeting new people is easily my favorite things. I am a passionate advocate for all humans and love strongly.  As a Junior in high school we had careers as a class where we had to research and take personality quizzes on job fields that we would want. One day, during that class, I learned about Peace Corps. I knew immediately I was going to do that but there was an obstacle... I needed a bachelor's degree. So I went to college and graduated in 2016. While my classmates were applying for graduate schools and jobs, I applied for Peace Corps. That Christmas I begged my parents to buy me that starter camera - a T6 Rebel just to be able to document my adventure. In 2017, I left for Mozambique, Africa.  That year was life changing. I came home and met the love of my life (my husband) but I also found my passion and love for photography.

I love taylor swift, iced coffee and espresso. I love sunsets and traveling , curse words and tequila.

Now I am also a mama, my favorite title to be. I am a mom to three precious, loving, strong willed kiddos. My husband and I adopted our kids in 2021. Our lily girl, 8 years old and our sports obsessed kid (her dad loves that). Our Ava, 7 years old, is a strong willed little advocate already. Our youngest nicknamed Beans, is our wild child to say the least. We love spending our summers traveling to campgrounds and cheering on all of the softball games! 

3 things to know about me



I am a mama to 3 kiddos. Life is wild and chaotic but I love it. My husband and I adopted our babies in 2021 and it was easily our best decision.


I have lived in Mozambique, Africa  and Granada, Spain

Iced coffees, tequila and nachos are my shit

pc: hayleealdersonphotography

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